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Friday, February 24, 2012


Who better to edit an anthology about psychotic behavior than the master, Robert Bloch?  His novel PSYCHO really remains the gold standard of thrillers featuring disturbed characters.  The books PSYCHO II and PSYCHO HOUSE continued and concluded the entire storyline.

As you can see by the cover, Pocket Books was also highlighting a brand-new story from Stephen King.  This assures bestseller status.  There are people out there who would buy Mr. King’s laundry list if he decided to publish it.  This is a testament to the concept of a “built-in audience”.  Mr. King writes very well from the viewpoint of a child and I’d like to see him do a serial killer novel covering the killer’s life from childhood on.  THAT would be a helluva read.

Anyway, I’m sure this book is only available in used emporiums now or perhaps you could find a copy for sale on e-bay.  Either way, I hope you can find a way to add this to your collection as it is well worth having.

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